As many of you know, changes are coming to the federal flood insurance programs. Many homeowners may face higher premiums.

To learn more about your own situation, you need to know your BFE, or base flood elevation and the flood zone rating for your location. This article describes that process and also contains the latest Q&A from FEMA on the roll-out of the program. (See page 2 following)



  1. Go to www.region2coastal.com/
  2. Select “Get Preliminary FIRM” from the menu bar.
  3. Select “What is my BFE (Base Flood Elevation)”
  4. Scroll down to the map and enter your street, city, ZIP. Click “Get Details”

The map will display your location, maybe approximate. Below the map are some text notes and one will show your BFE.

From here, you need your property survey which will show the first floor elevation.

Take this information to your insurance agent and try to learn the effect on your premiums.