North End Jetty Condition

//North End Jetty Condition

North End Jetty Condition

AHLOA representatives at the March 23 Avalon Borough Council Meeting on March 23 reported the following news.

Borough Engineer Tom Thornton reported to Council on the subsidence of the 8th Street jetty in some detail.

The integrity of the jetty has been monitored regularly for some time. Small movement, evident from small cracks in the surface concrete has been noticed earlier.   Recently large movement on the North side, about 100 feet from beach entrance, was observed, probably as a result of storm Jonas in late January.

Large concrete barriers were installed to safeguard the public.  Soundings underway (as of March 23) show that some of the large base stones (weighing many tons) have shifted and will require very heavy equipment to reset.

The survey analysis will determine exactly what needs to be done and its cost. Tom estimated that the necessary permits should be available in 3 to 4 months, and the remedial project could take about 3 months. So the whole project may be wrapped up in 6 to 7 months. There was no discussion as to how it would be funded.

In the meantime, with the personnel barriers in place, Tom believes the rest of the jetty is safe for the public to walk on.