Ocean Drive Projects to proceed

//Ocean Drive Projects to proceed

Ocean Drive Projects to proceed

Here are notes taken by AHLOA at the September 17, 2016 presentation by the by Avalon and Cape May County engineers about the Ocean Drive construction work for next year. The presentation was jointly hosted by AHLOA and the Borough.

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 1. Avalon has deteriorating sanitary sewers under some areas of Ocean Drive south of 30th Street and north of 62nd St. Those pipes require replacement.

2. Ocean Drive is a County road. The areas south of 29th to 62nd St require both resurfacing and regrading to mitigate flooding caused by even moderate rain.

3. The combination of the two simultaneous and coordinated efforts will occur late Winter and Spring 2017, stop for the summer, then finish up in the Fall. The end result will provide a smooth road that mitigates minor flooding due to rain, and upgrades the sewer pipes.

There should be no interruption of Sanitary Sewer availability.

There will be detours around the construction areas. The regrading of the road will be supplemented by new multiple small drains along the route placed near the sidewalks.

Property lines along Ocean Drive are usually 14 feet from the curb toward the home. These areas (from the curb to the real property line) are usually maintained by the property owner to complement their exterior decor. These areas in reality are in the county “Right of Way” and will likely be disturbed during construction, and will be brought back to original condition as a matter of contract.

Please note that both the County and the Borough have specific prohibitions about opening the road for underground utility changes for 5 years after resurfacing. If you are contemplating property changes that will require underground utility adjustments: sewer, water, gas, and in some cases electric, stop into see the construction office soonest.