Avalon Improves Code Enforcement Efforts With New Program

The Avalon Borough Council received a presentation from Code Enforcement Official Paul Short on Wednesday, July 12th regarding a new initiative that will enable the public to report and track the follow up of code enforcement issues in the community.  Avalon is using a new web based system through Citizen Serve that will allow the immediate reporting of nuisance/quality of life issues in the community.

Here are some of the construction site issues that are reported (and enforced). Construction Code Digest

“This new program provides many benefits to the public as to the reporting and resolution of code enforcement issues in Avalon”, Short said.  “It will also allow the Borough to investigate, report, and remediate various issues in the community in a much more rapid fashion”.

Any member of the public can use the web portal on www.avalonboro.net, the Borough’s official website.  The portal can be used to report any perceived code violation or nuisance complaint, including trash, construction sites, pool dewatering, sign placement, property maintenance, and other issues.  The user can also upload any evidence of issues including photos and other materials.

When the complaint is filed through the portal, the Code Enforcement Official receives instant notification of the potential violation for a response.  Since the program is web based, he can investigate the complaint and take photos through a tablet, issue a warning or summons from the location, and provide instant notification to the contractor or property owner.  Reports can be sent to the office from the field which reduces the amount of time spent in the office.  The individual who filed the complaint will receive notices of when the Official responds, receives a preliminary report from the field, is made aware of any actions by the Official, and receives notification when the matter has been abated.

Members of the public may also use the portal to file permits for dewatering activities and for use of the four fixed position signs on Avalon Boulevard.  They may also ask a general question to the Borough for response.

The public may also contact the Code Enforcement Official via traditional means by calling the office at (609) 967-5922; emailing the Official at pshort@avalonboro.org