Borough Council Trustee Report - May 2018

  • The Borough has been awarded a NJDOT grant of $160,000 towards the cost of reconstructing 35th Street
  • South Jersey Gas Company has completed their system upgrade with the installation of 22,000 linear feet of new gas distribution service
  • A new ordinance has been passed governing Peddlers and Hawkers operating in the Borough. There were some complaints that the regulations were not restrictive enough.
  • The back-passing project is in full swing and is proceeding according to plan. In Public Comments, concerns have been expressed about the ponding that has occurred in the past when back passing has been carried out.
  • The Borough is one of 32 state municipalities to receive a grant by the Sustainable New Jersey program.  Avalon's $20,000 grant  is earmarked for the Diamondback Terrapin Nesting Habitat Enhancement in Kayak Park.
  • A draft version of the Borough's study of north end and beach block flooding in the event of heavy rains will be made public on May 22
  • The Borough is working on a new Monarch Butterfly Habitat at Armacost Park (71st and Ocean).  No completion date has been announced.

Trustee Report: Borough Council