Borough Council Trustee Report - June 2018

  • At the May 23 Council meeting the Borough Engineer, Tom Thornton, presented his findings of what might be done to reduce flooding in Avalon's North end beach blocks during severe rain events. The flooding occurs because the West end of the streets are naturally elevated by a couple of feet above the East end of the streets. Water was originally pumped from the end of 11th Street into the ocean; however, that outfall pipe was capped and the water pumped into Townsend Inlet. A additional pump at 22nd Street still discharges into the ocean. A number of engineering options were presented.
  • Scott Wahl reported that the back-pass operation to repair North end beaches was completed on schedule. All of the borrowed sand came from the tidal borrow area; none was taken from the dry non-tidal parts of those beaches.

Trustee Report: Borough Council