Borough Council Trustee Report - July 2018

  • Council meetings held on June 13 and 27, and July 11, were well attended.  Public comments portion of the proceedings focused heavily on the Avalon construction boom and related resident problems and issues.

    • A special meeting was convened on June 28 which was attended by invited contractors, residents who have expressed strong concerns, and Borough officials.

    • Discussions focused on recommendations submitted by residents, Stone Harbor's recent ordinance changes enacted to address similar concerns, and other topics raised at the Council meetings.  This session also addressed alternatives and potential legal issues that might apply to enforcement of any new ordinances.

  • Discussion at the sessions also addressed elimination of single use plastic bags and straws within the Borough through the potential enactment of an ordinance associated with the Clean Water Initiative.  The plans will consider enactment of changes in concert with Stone Harbor, with the goal to have the new ordinance in effect for the Summer of 2019.

  • Additional topics raised during the group of meetings addressed North-end beach replenishment back-passing operations, the possibility of making the temporary road from Avalon Boulevard to the Borough's CDF a permanent structure, and COAH agreements and their associated ordinances that will be voted on by Council.

Trustee Report: Borough Council