Borough Council Trustee Report - February 13, 2019

  •  The meeting started with the new Borough Clerk, Danielle Nollett and Deputy Borough Clerk, Kristen Gannon being sworn in by Mayor Martin Pagliughi.  Recent retirements of Borough Employees left these positions vacant.

  • The Mayor also gave the oath of office to newly appointed Avalon Police Office Lucas Hill.

  • Most of the public comment period was taken up by Advocates for Marijuana protesting the ban on the sale of marijuana in the Borough of Avalon.  None of these advocates gave Avalon addresses and were quite vocal in their criticism of the actions that the Borough is taking.  They accused Council Members of lacking compassion for the sick and dying and cited personal positive experience which enables them to live fully functioning lives.

  • Borough Council delayed a vote on the Marijuana Ordinance until the February 27th session.