John McCorristin Guest Speaker at AHLOA December Meeting

John McCorristin, a member of the Avalon Borough Council, was the guest speaker at the December 8, 2018 AHLOA monthly meeting.  John covered a wide variety of subjects of interest to Avalon property owners including the following:

  •  Highlights of the Avalon Library’s 11th 5-Star rating.  John also distributed samples of the environmentally friendly bags that the library will use in the future.

  • Update on Surfside Park construction which has now progressed to the completion of pilings and the foundation for the primary building.  The Park is targeted for opening in June.

  • History Center expansion to accommodate a meeting space capable of holding 100-125 visitors.  Bids on the project will be released in the spring, and construction may start in the fall of 2019.

  • Highlights of several items related to Borough construction that garnered significant attention throughout 2018.  John’s presentation noted that:

    • A new two-member Code Enforcement team was launched in the summer of 2018 with coverage one hour before and one hour after permissible construction hours Monday through Saturday.

    • New construction ordinance terms are pending and will be covered at public meetings in January 2019 for input prior to final passage, and ultimate implementation by the summer of 2019.  Key new provisions pending approval include:

      • Stop Work Orders and related terms

      • Community Service requirements for repeat offenders in addition fines

      • Revisions to permissible construction hours by day of week and for holidays to be in effect late June through late September

      • New restrictions on construction vehicle parking on and in front of the permitted work site

      • Applicability of construction regulations to handymen and landscapers

      • Requirements for tarps over dumpsters and other equipment


John McCorristin.JPG