AHLOA Contributes $500.00 to The Branches

Sandra Lockhart, Director of The Branches, spoke to the attendees at the AHLOA monthly meeting this morning at the Avalon Senior Center about the tremendous service being provided by the 100% volunteer organization.   The Branches, located in the Village Shoppes in Rio Grande, is an outreach ministry of St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Stone Harbor, operating in collaboration with area churches and organizations.  The Branches provides a safe, positive environment for the elderly, disabled, homeless, and individuals or families living in poverty.

Pictured below at today’s meeting, Jack Keenan, President of AHLOA presented a $500.00 contribution through Sandra to The Branches on behalf of AHLOA members.

For more information on how you or your organization can help or contribute to the mission of The Branches, please call Sandra Lockhart, Director at 609-886-5091.  Their Facebook page, The Branches Outreach Center of Rio Grande, is a good way of keeping up with their activities and needs.  Links to their website and Facebook page are included below.



Avalon Weather System

The Avalon Office of Emergency Management has installed a new weather system that provides continuous weather monitoring and maintains historical data for the borough.  The Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station has been installed on the radio tower adjacent to the Public Safety Building. It is 65 feet above the ground and is clear of surrounding roofs and raised structures to provide accurate real-time wind speed and direction.

A link to the current weather condition in Avalon is available on the Borough’s emergency management website, www.avalonemergency.org, and on the Borough’s municipal website, www.avalonboro.net.  An Android or Apple  app called “Weatherlink 2.0”, which shows real-time weather conditions, is available for free download on the respective app store.  Complete advisories and actionable alerts during storm events are always available first at www.avalonemergency.org.

Avalon Real Estate Guest Speaker

Marilyn O'Donoghue from the R.J. Soens Group of Long and Foster Real Estate spoke at the September 9th monthly membership meeting.  Marilyn lead an interactive question and answer session covering 2018 real estate and rental statistics and trends.  Portions of the material Marilyn covered with the full-house of members is available below.

                                                                      2018 Statistics

Townsend’s Inlet Bridge to Close Until Memorial Day 2019

Townsend’s Inlet Bridge will be closed to the public starting Monday, September 17th, 2018 and will likely remain closed through May 22nd, 2019.  The purpose of the closure is to conduct four separate rehabilitation projects on the bridge, including major work on the Avalon side of the span.  Please visit the Borough's website for more information.

AHLOA at National Night Out

AHLOA President, Jack Keenan, and AHLOA Trustee, Lynn Cruser participated in Avalon's National Night out held on August 7th.  The theme of our booth was Bike Safety.  The kids really enjoyed answering the bike safety questions and getting fun bike prizes.  Everyone also enjoyed our free popcorn and candy.  The Avalon "Blue Boomer" bike also made it to the booth.  Many parents commented to Jack that they were happy to see that we were talking with the kids about bike safety.  Fun was had by all.  Perhaps this theme will become a new AHLOA tradition!

AHLOA Annual Membership Meeting on August 11th

Speaker Presentations Below

Mayor Pagliughi presented the State of Avalon Borough, and Dr. Stewart Farrell provided a scientific look at the past, present and future of Avalon's beaches.  Both speaker presentations are available below.

                                    Mayor Pagliughi: Avalon Borough

                                          Dr. Farrell: Avalon Beaches

Borough Council Approves Affordable Housing Ordinances

On July 25th, after a well-attended pubic hearing, Avalon Borough Council unanimously adopted four ordinances that are part of its settlement agreement with the Fair Share Housing Center. The ordinances form the core of the borough’s plan for meeting its obligation to provide “reasonable opportunity” for the development of low and moderate-income housing in the borough.  More information concerning the July 25th hearing and the four ordinances is available in the following article:

                                                     Cape May County Herald

AHLOA July 14th Monthly Meeting Follow-Up

During the July 14 AHLOA monthly Trustee meeting, many concerns and recommendations were raised by attendees addressing the Avalon construction boom and resulting problems for neighbors adjacent to work sites.  The concerns raised at the monthly meeting echoed many of the same issues and recommendations presented at the recent June 13, June 27 and July 11 Council meetings.   As a result of the input from the July 14th meeting, AHLOA Officers and Trustees considered the input of the attendees, and sent a summary letter dated July 21st with specific recommendations to to Council President, with cc's to the Mayor and Business Administrator.  This topic will likely get additional attention at the upcoming AHLOA Annual Membership meeting on August 11th at Community Hall. 

North End Flooding / Drainage Report

The Borough of Avalon received a study from the engineering firm Mott MacDonald regarding flooding issues in the Northern end of the community.  This report intends to address solutions to street flooding during rain events that produce several inches of rain in a short period of time.  The engineering report has been published and is now available on the Borough's website. Please click here to display a downloadable PDF copy of the report.

Borough Construction FAQs

There has been an increase in construction activity in Avalon during the summer of 2018. The Avalon Borough Council, Administration, and department heads are currently reviewing the rules and regulations for construction that will be fair for both Borough residents and contractors who do work in the Borough.  Please click here to see a summary of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding current Code related to construction topics and remedies.

Avalon Police Double Summer Patrol Staff

Avalon Police Double Summer Patrol Staff

During his June 9th presentation at the AHLOA monthly meeting, Avalon police chief, Jeff Christopher, noted that during the busy summer months, Avalon more than doubles its patrol staff with 30 temporary Class 1 or 2 officers added to the full-time staff of 21 serving our community throughout the remainder of the year.  On behalf of our full-time owners and temporary seasonal visitors, "hats off" to Jeff and his team!

Avalon Beach Patrol Welcomes 30 New Guards

During the June 9th AHLOA monthly meeting, Beach Patrol Captain Murray Wolf provided a complete overview of his team's operations throughout the busy summer season.  The Patrol welcomed 30 new guards this summer to a team that averages 90 guards each year.  Many thanks to Murray and his team of men and women dedicated to keeping us safe as we enjoy our very special island this time of year!

New 640 Area Code

New 640 Area Code

Starting August 18th, a new 640 area code will be "overlaid" on the 609 area code for Central and Southeastern New Jersey.  New telephone numbers issued in this geography after mid-September will start to receive the new 640 area code.  Your safest procedure will be to dial 1, followed by the 3-digit area code followed by the 7-digit phone number when dialing between 856, 609 and 640 area codes.

Borough Council May Highlights

  • The Borough has been awarded a NJDOT grant of$160,000 towards the cost of reconstructing 35th Street

  • South Jersey Gas has completed their system upgrade with the installation of 22,000 linear feet of new gas distribution service

  • The back-passing project is in full swing and is proceeding according to plan, targeted for completion by Memorial Day

  • Avalon Borough is one of four municipalities each awarded a $20,000 grant by the Sustainable New Jersey program, which in Avalon's case will be used a terrapin friendly nesting area in Kayak Park

  • A draft version of the Borough's study of North-end / beach block flooding due to heavy rain events will be made public on May 22nd

COHA Settlement

  • At its June 27 meeting, the Avalon Borough Council introduced four ordinances that represent the implementation its affordable housing obligations:

    • Opportunities for at least 10 accessory apartments on the second floor of structures in the business district

    • A set-aside requirement that will ensure a percentage of units for affordable housing in any new development that will produce five or more living units

    • An overlay permitting land use in the business district that otherwise would be prohibited

    • General plan terms including definitions, monitoring, maximum rents, income eligibility requirements and the need for the Borough to engage in an affirmative marketing plan

  • What Avalon has achieved with these four ordinances, assuming they are adopted on second reading, is a settlement that meets its obligations under state law until 2025, largely through the use of an accessory apartment program that utilizes potential space not yet developed 

Single Use Plastic Ordinance Gaining Momentum

  • Avalon’s Borough Council devoted a large part of its June 27 work session to a discussion of plastic and the pollution threat that casually discarded plastic creates for the marine ecosystem

  • Dr. Lenore Tedesco, executive director of the Wetlands Institute, presented to Council the dangerous extent of the problem and on the challenges in confronting it

  • The discussion was the preface to an expected ordinance in the Borough that will seek to eliminate the use of certain single-use plastic items by Memorial Day 2019

  • It is likely that Avalon will introduce an ordinance at its July 11 council meeting

  • When the ordinance comes up for a second reading and possible adoption at a subsequent meeting, there would be a required public hearing on the measure