A look at the Avalon and Stone Harbor Elementary School

Our guest speakers at the AHLOA monthly meeting on Saturday, January 12th were Mrs. Stacy LaRocca Tracy, Chief School Administrator and Dr. Renee Murtaugh, Curriculum Director of the Avalon and Stone Harbor Elementary School.  Mrs. Tracy and Dr. Murtaugh were proud to share all of the exciting programs available for the students at both sites.  Their enthusiasm was clearly evident and the video presentation they shared with us was outstanding.  Highlights of their presentation:

  • Enrollment is up! 99 students at Stone Harbor and 88 at Avalon School.  Average class size in Stone Harbor is 19, Avalon is 17.

  • School projects for 2018-2019 include:

    • Bulletproof glass in entrances to both schools

    • Renovating Stone Harbor Library/Computer lab

    • Enlarged instructional space to accommodate larger class size.

  •  STEM-based learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is alive and well in both schools

  • Clubs and activities are numerous and include: Junior National Honor Society, Student Council, Counseling Services, Homework Club, STEM Club, Art/Ceramics Club, Sports Clinic, Chorus, Band, Drama Club and more!

  • Save the date: The Drama Club play, Alice in Wonderland, will be presented on March 21 and 22

 The 4 ½ minute video presented at the meeting is outstanding!  Please visit the following website to enjoy the kids and see the wonders behind the walls of our schools:

  Avalon and Stone Harbor Elementary School Video

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