Looking Toward the  Horizon: Cape Assist

Our guest speaker at the AHLOA monthly meeting on Saturday, February 9th was Mr. Joe Faldetta, Prevention Director at Cape Assist.  This non-profit substance abuse prevention and treatment agency has been serving Cape May County for over 30 years.  Cape Assist promotes health and wellness in the community, implements researched-based services to seniors, schools, businesses and organizations, all structured to enrich families and build healthy communities.

 Mr. Faldetta’s presentation was passionate, knowledgeable and he clearly conveyed  the dedication he and his colleagues share working as a prevention agency to assist with the nationwide drug epidemic that impacts our local communities on a daily basis.  He competently answered the multitude of questions our inquiring group had, including one about the CEO of the company sharing his last name.  With a chuckle he did tell us that, yes, his wife is the CEO, she is his boss, and it is not much of an issue because it is just like being at home!

 Mission Statement:

 Cape Assist is dedicated to preventing and treating substance abuse and related issues in Cape May County through education, advocacy, counseling and community collaboration.

  •   Education: They focus on teaching life skills to children from kindergarten through high school.  They help them set goals, teach coping skills and work with “at risk” families to strengthen family units and encourage self-esteem;

  •   Advocacy: Court Advocacy Program provides  council, court attendance and guidance free of charge; 

  •   Counseling: They treat the whole individual - body, mind, and spirit.  Types of counseling available include Intensive Outpatient, Relapse Prevention, Individual/Family Counseling and Anger Management.

  •   Community Collaboration: Since 1995, our coalition of over 300 partners are dedicated to reducing substance abuse in Cape May County.  They include law enforcement, students, educators, parents, faith leaders and business people. 

 Be sure to visit their website at www.CapeAssist.org to learn about the wonderful programs they offer our community.  You may find an opportunity to volunteer your  services, benefitting both you and your community!

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