Annual Membership Meeting: August 10, 2019

We are pleased to provide a summary of the AHLOA Annual Membership Meeting held on August 10th in Community Hall. The agenda was packed full of valuable information concerning the past year of highlights within the Borough and what property owners can anticipate in the upcoming 12-24 months. Approximately 320 people attended the 2-hour event — the largest turnout in recent years.

The minutes from the meeting can be read by clicking this link.

The major topics covered at the meeting included:

  1. Mayor Martin Pagliughi’s “State of the Borough”. The Mayor’s presentation slides are available here.

  2. A presentation from Stephen Rochette of the US Army Core of Engineers concerning major activities including an upcoming hydraulic beach fill starting late this year. Steve’s presentation is available here.

  3. Nominations and approval of the incoming AHLOA officers and trustees for fiscal year 2019/2020 starting September 1st. A list of all newly elected officers and trustees is included in the meeting minutes.

Major highlights within the preceding presentations and minutes include:

  • No increase in the tax, water/sewer or beach tag rate for 2019

  • Avalon’s 19.9 cent municipal tax rate is the lowest of any developed community in NJ

  • Capital improvement projects included emergency dredging, construction of Surfside Park, SJ Gas improvements, repaving of several streets, continuation of the North-End drainage improvement study, and numerous environmental initiatives

  • Back-passing of 55,000 cubic yards of sand was completed by Public Works in the spring of 2018

  • A large, hydraulic beach fill which will occur with USACO/NJDEP participation in late fall and winter of 2019/2020 to restore a minimum of 450,000 cubic yards of sand. Contract award is planned for late September, with actual construction to occur throughout the fall and winter. The effort will be funded 65% federal, 26.25% state, and 8.75% municipal.

  • New construction rules and regulations went into effect May 2019 with provisions for shorter construction days/hours, stop work order provisions, and controls over street parking. Statistics through July 31st are included in the Mayor’s presentation above.

  • Starting in Oct/Nov, the Ingrams Thorofare Bridge on Avalon Boulevard will be re-decked with only one lane of traffic at all times (controlled by a signal)

Photos from the meeting are available here with a few samples below:

AHLOA Welcome Table

AHLOA Welcome Table

Tyger II tandem bike won by Trisha Luing (additional photo in link above)

Tyger II tandem bike won by Trisha Luing (additional photo in link above)

Incoming AHLOA President Chuck O’Hara (left) and outgoing President Jack Keenan (right)

Incoming AHLOA President Chuck O’Hara (left) and outgoing President Jack Keenan (right)